This is a place where I can express myself, a place for me to be creative, a platform for me to log and share my experiences with whoever is interested. My name is Chris Hooker and I’m a video editor. Finding ways for me to create something is important to me and although my industry is a creative one it rarely is a place where your vision is what’s broadcast.


In the summer of 2018 I bought myself a second hand Mavic Pro and it sat in its box for a week or two and finally I charged it up and took it to a nearby field and put it in the air and from that moment I was hooked.  Since then I have been making films with my drone using the skills I’ve learned throughout my editing career. More recently I have bought a Black Magic Pocket Cinema 4K and now I’m encompassing that into my films too.


Through this site I will be passing on editing and filming tips and in time I will offering a Creative Editing Course for those who wish to make more dynamic engaging films.




Kite Surfing in Kent

This summer I've taken it upon myself to get out and find new things to film with my drone. And the first of those is Kite Surfing so I got in contact with The Kite Surf Centre near Camber Sands and I'm going to be doing some filming with them. The video below is just a visit to the beach and the result of an hour's filming.



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